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Alchemy – London City

I decided to take a staycation for the week and visit some cafe’s that are only open Monday to Friday for the business crowd. Cue Alchemy Coffee, a cafe located in the City of London, close to St Paul’s Underground Station. Let me start off by saying these guys really know their shit! Talk to any of the staff and they will be able to advise you on the different types of coffee, and what makes them special.


Alchemy Coffee is a tiny little shop located on a corner of a quiet cobbled street in the City of London. I had arrived a little after the rush hour, but I imagine this place would be more suited for a takeaway on the way to the office, rather than a sit-in for a lengthy session. There isn’t any table space for seating, but they do have side benches facing out the window, It would be a little awkward for larger groups, but ideal for an intimate coffee. Due to its location it draws in the business crowd. I was the only person in jeans and a t-shirt.

The thing that impressed me the most was the knowledge of the staff. I ordered my usual flat white, and was offered a variety of beans to choose from, spanning from different regions of the globe. I was told the Colombian beans were ‘acidic and fruity’ and would compliment the flat white. I was then able to select the size of my coffee, ranging from 4oz – 8oz cups (I went with 6oz).


They also served a variety of food, with brownies, cakes, and sandwiches. I was tempted by the banana bread, made with peanut butter. I did think it was an odd choice for an ingredient, however it wasn’t an overpowering taste, and added a subtle hint of peanut butter to the bread.

I’d recently read about Alchemy Coffee in Caffeine Magazine. Word of the street is that these guys are one of the first to bring Cold Brew coffee to London. I spoke to one of the barista’s who told me that it had been extremely popular, and they often ran out. It is an extremely slow process to make a batch. I took my chance to try it here, and bought myself an Ethiopian Cold Brew, that I was assured would be ‘Weird and Wonderful’.



These guys really take pride in what they do. The staff know all about their product, and can offer you advice on what to choose if you aren’t sure what you are after. I can truly appreciate why they chose their name, they are making something special here.

Want to know more about coffee? They also offer training courses monthly.


They are only open from Monday to Friday. They cater for the business market, so it isn’t the kind of place I would like to hangout with friends.

Flat White - £2.40
Beans - Alchemy
Twitter - @alchemy_coffee
Facebook - Alchemy.London
Website - alchemycoffee.co.uk


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