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Category: Cafe

Fix – Whitecross Street

Fix is a cafe, situated in a zone between Old Street and Barbican, an area flooded with coffee, just outside of the East-End bubble. So what makes Fix stand out above the rest? It’s the kind of place you’d be happy to meet your friends, and hang out for hours on end. Located in a converted pub, the social atmosphere is inherent in the place. It seems only natural.


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Allpress – Shoreditch

Allpress Espresso is located near Shoreditch High Street Station, on the quiet, but popular Redchurch Street. It is a great place to grab a coffee when passing through, or sit down for a relaxing break.


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Ozone – Shoreditch

Ozone Coffee is the must stop spot for a weekend brunch when in Shoreditch. You could even make the detour if passing through Old Street if you wanted. It is just a ‘stone throw’ away from the station, which makes it the perfect meeting place… for those who can struggle out of bed with their weekend hangovers.


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Climpson & Sons – Broadway Market

I’ve been meaning to write about Climpson & Sons for quite a while now. This being one of my regular spots for coffee, and one of my favourites in London, I have never been sure of where to begin. I suppose there is no time like the present.

This particular visit, I was craving for something to eat, as a very late breakfast, but something that would be an acceptable option for lunch. I can’t really use the term brunch here, as this was definitely well into the lunch timezone.

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Wilton Way Cafe – London Fields

A friend and I decided to go on a little coffee adventure, and wander to the top of London fields, and visit the trendy little Wilton Way Cafe. Located on a quiet suburban street, just a couple of blocks away from the park, the cafe is surrounded by boutique shops, galleries, and is the home to London Fields Radio.

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Creperie Du Monde – Clapton Village

Taking a change of pace, a friend and I decided to visit a part of London that we had never been, and check out the Chatsworth Road Markets. It would seem that the people of Clapton Village are a little spoilt for choice in regards to cafes, delis, and boutique stores. We picked a few places along the way that we would like to try out, but as these things go, you have to make a choice. We chose Creperie Du Monde, to grab a bite to eat and a coffee.


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3FE – Dublin

I first discovered 3FE while doing some research on coffee in Dublin. I came across an interesting article on another coffee blog, about an investment banker turned award winning barista, and his coffee shop Third Floor Espresso.

After chatting to my local friends, I soon realised that this guy had already made a impact on the coffee scene, and everyone had heard of him, duh! I’m from out of town, how was I to know? Anyway, I decided I had to check it out.


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Vice Coffee Inc. – Dublin

Located at the Twisted Pepper Nightclub, Vice Coffee Inc. would have to be the best coffee I had while I was visiting Dublin. I have to admit, it does seem a little bit weird visiting a nightclub during the day for a coffee, but it just works. What would be an otherwise empty space during the day, has a new life, and great coffee.


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