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Category: Coffee

Sharps – Fitzrovia

It’s been a while since my last post, and this Baristacrat was starting to look a little scruffy. Luckily there’s a place that can cater for my coffee craving, and give me a bit of a tidy up around the edges. Sharps is a Barber shop, and cafe in one.


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Workshop Coffee – Fitzrovia

My Friend came to visit me for a spontaneous lunch. I didn’t have time for a long sit down lunch at a restaurant, and she wasn’t in the mood for a dirty takeaway. A coffee and a sandwich sounds perfect right about now. We took a short stroll to Workshop Coffee in Fitzrovia.


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Rapha – Piccadilly Circus

It seems like bikes and coffee go hand in hand. You can usually find the good coffee spots when there are bikes parked out the front. While Rapha (ironically) won’t allow you to park your bike out front, which seems to be the way of the city, but you are allowed to take them inside. It’s probably safer that way anyway.


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Silo – Friedrichshain Berlin

A short walk away from the East Side Gallery, and in one of arguably the coolest neighbourhoods in Berlin, is Silo Cafe. A cool hangout for the locals in the surrounding flats, and the boutique shoppers nearby.

We’d spent the day checking out the art covering the Berlin Wall, and decided to hit up one of the cafe’s on my Berlin list. Queue Silo Cafe.


Photo by Alex Goodfellow

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The Barn – Mitte Berlin

A new city, and an open opportunity to discover Berlin’s coffee scene and cafe culture. First place on the list, and conveniently located near the flat I was staying, is The Barn, a Coffee shop, and Roastery. The Barn is located on a quiet side street, lined with cobblestones and walking distance from an endless supply of boutique shops, restaurants, cafe’s, and bars.

The Barn

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Attendant – Fitzrovia

The legends are true. This place is totally a toilet. And by that I mean it in the nicest possible way. Attendant was once a 1890’s mens bathrooom, and it sill has the fiixtures to prove it. Mind you, this toilet is at the nicer end of town, so there aren’t any loitering junkies. These have beeen replaced by the local businessmen and creatives from the nearby soho area.


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The Wren – London City

The Wren gets bonus points for being one of the most unique cafe’s I have been to in London. It is hard to imagine a coffee shop being located in a Church, but that is exactly where The Wren is located.

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Fix – Whitecross Street

Fix is a cafe, situated in a zone between Old Street and Barbican, an area flooded with coffee, just outside of the East-End bubble. So what makes Fix stand out above the rest? It’s the kind of place you’d be happy to meet your friends, and hang out for hours on end. Located in a converted pub, the social atmosphere is inherent in the place. It seems only natural.


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