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Category: Restaurant

Creperie Du Monde – Clapton Village

Taking a change of pace, a friend and I decided to visit a part of London that we had never been, and check out the Chatsworth Road Markets. It would seem that the people of Clapton Village are a little spoilt for choice in regards to cafes, delis, and boutique stores. We picked a few places along the way that we would like to try out, but as these things go, you have to make a choice. We chose Creperie Du Monde, to grab a bite to eat and a coffee.


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La Caravane – Paris

La Caravane was one of my favourite places I visited in Paris. This place is Parisian hipster central, and has an exciting buzz about the place.

We had been walking around Canal Saint Martin for a while, trying to pick somewhere to have dinner and a few drinks. We passed a few different places, but every thing seemed a little too formal for the mood we were in for the evening. As we walked up Rue de la Fontaine au Roi I noticed a funky little bar that looked quite popular, with mixed typography above the door, spelling out ‘Le Caravane’, which roughly translates to ‘The Caravan’.

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The Diner – Covent Garden

Not exactly a secret, The Diner is an american themed restaurant, with a variety of burgers, hot dogs, and sandwiches. I normally have the cheese burger with pulled pork (secret tip, it’s cheaper than the Arch burger, and you aren’t paying for the pesky pickle) but this time the Christmas menu was too tempting. I ended up ordering a sandwich so epic, that it was worth writing about.

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