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Cereal Killer Cafe – Brick Lane

I know I’m a bit behind the times on this one. But it’s better late than never right? I finally had a chance to visit the infamous cereal cafe in Shoreditch. This place has had a lot of attention lately, including the equally infamous Channel 4 report. Love it or hate it, the Cereal Killer Cafe is here, and buzzing.

cereal Killer

As luck would have it the queue at the Cereal Killer Cafe was not as long today as it has been in the past. However, this lucky period was short lived, and it wasn’t long before a large crowd of people started queueing behind us.

cereal Killer

We may as well get the elephant out of the room, and jump straight to the point. This is not your regular cafe. It serves novelty cereals, from the US, the UK, and even Australia. Every kind of sweet and sugary breakfast treat that you can imagine is on offer. If you’ve seen it on an American sitcom, then they probably have it. They even have cereal cocktails. A bowl filled with a special concoction of cereals and flavoured milk. I ordered the Peanutbutter Captain Crunch, with an Oreo Cookies and Cream Pop Tart. I had a flat white on the side, but despite being made with locally sourced Allpress beans, the coffee wasn’t anything to write home about.

cereal Killer

Photograph (left) by Tristan Fisher

The cafe is decorated with 90’s vintage cereal boxes, and tacky memorabilia. The walls are painted with bright, florescent colour, and there are multicoloured lights in the entrance way. The cafe itself is very dimly lit, which is a massive contrast to the vivid characteristics of the cafe, and its cliental. It seems odd that they would choose a dimly lit cafe when the whole premise of the cafe is to be bright and colourful. My favourite feature is located on the back wall, with murals of Dexter and Hannibal Lecter, two serial killers, created out of cereal (what else?).

cereal Killer


The cafe is a fun idea, that is certainly attracting a lot of attention. While it is an expensive bowl of cereal, it is not an extortionate price, and is affordable for a fun and novelty afternoon.


While it is worth paying for, it isn’t worth the wait. At times the line seems ridiculously long, and the inside of the cafe is over crowded with people waiting to be served.

Flat White - £2.70
Beans - Allpress
Medium Size Cereal - £3.00
Twitter - @CerealKillerUK
Facebook - CerealKillerUK
Website - cerealkillercafe.co.uk

cereal Killer


Photograph by Tristan Fisher

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