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Fix – Whitecross Street

Fix is a cafe, situated in a zone between Old Street and Barbican, an area flooded with coffee, just outside of the East-End bubble. So what makes Fix stand out above the rest? It’s the kind of place you’d be happy to meet your friends, and hang out for hours on end. Located in a converted pub, the social atmosphere is inherent in the place. It seems only natural.


I decided to meet with a friend for a morning coffee, and wanted somewhere we could sit, relax and have a good long chat. We also wanted somewhere easy to get to, and not too far from Old Street Roundabout… You know how it can be sometimes? Lazy days! My research pointed me towards Fix, and it was exactly the kind of place we were looking for.

The first thing you notice is the bright colours decorating the walls, and the wide open space, occupied by large couches, and tables and chairs scattered throughout. Large windows allow light to enter the space, however, despite the windows, it does maintain a dimly lit vibe, with chandeliers and modern lighting mixed throughout. I suppose this will add to the charm on a winders day. Fridges are stocked with a selection of sandwiches, salads, and a variety of Greek yogurts.


We pulled up a place on the couch. They’re the kind you really sink into, the kind you are happy to spend the day sitting in (I wonder how much money lives at the back of the couches). We shared a greek yogurt with granola, by asking for some spare coffee cups to serve it in. There is definitely more than enough to share. We enjoyed our coffee’s while exchanging stories of recent adventures, and plans for the weekend ahead.



Fix has the right social atmosphere to call one of your regular coffee shops in London. Next time I am with friends in the area I will definitely suggest it as an afternoon hangout.


Unfortunately Fix doesn’t really cover you for the brunch market, as it doesn’t have a kitchen. With the fridge out the front, you’re still stocked for morning tea, lunch, or afternoon tea.

Flat White £2.30
Beans - Climpson & Sons
Twitter - @fixcoffee
Website - fix-coffee.co.uk


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