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La Caravane – Paris

La Caravane was one of my favourite places I visited in Paris. This place is Parisian hipster central, and has an exciting buzz about the place.

We had been walking around Canal Saint Martin for a while, trying to pick somewhere to have dinner and a few drinks. We passed a few different places, but every thing seemed a little too formal for the mood we were in for the evening. As we walked up Rue de la Fontaine au Roi I noticed a funky little bar that looked quite popular, with mixed typography above the door, spelling out ‘Le Caravane’, which roughly translates to ‘The Caravan’.

When we got inside it was quite busy, and all the tables were taken. We figured we would grab a drink or two at the bar while we waited for a table to free up. They even served a french cider here, which gave me a break from drinking wine for the evening.

The bar is lit with a mix of different coloured light bulbs, covered in tin lamp shades. The tables and bar are painted different colours, sanded back to expose the wood beneath, giving the antique look and feel to the place. There are also splashes of bright colours here and there. I guess the best way to describe it would be a Gypsy theme. Old post cards line the wall behind the bar, completing the travellers vibe. They layout of the bar is quite interesting, with lots of different nooks to tuck yourself away in.

Le Caravane

As luck would have it, after a short wait, some people got up to leave. Another girl spotted the table at the same time, but we had the advantage as we were slightly closer. She was already making a move towards it, just as we swooped in. The girl retreated back to the bar with a sour expression on her face… well we were there first.

We looked over the menu together, obviously I needed it translated to me. There was a good variety of world food options, including French, American, Italian, Mexican, and Asian food. Despite being in Paris, we ended up ordering a mix of Italian and Mexican options, and decided to share it amongst us. Guacamole with Sweet Potato Crisps, Polenta Gnocchi, and Blue Cheese Gnocchi which was clearly the table favourite. I’ll have to learn how to make it so I can try recreate it at home.

If I lived in Paris, Le Caravane would definitely be one of my regular haunts, in a desperate attempt to get the cool staff and customers to know me by name, and be cool by association.

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