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Pacific Social Club – Hackney

The Pacific Social Club is so unique and delightfully kitsch that I decided to take a visit. It’s just a moment away from Hackney Central Overground station, so it’s easy to get to, and definitely worth a look.

Pacific Social Club

The Pacific Social Club is unlike any other cafe I have been to. The first thing I noticed is the mixed and matched furniture, and the collection of tacky memorabilia on the walls. The next is the massive record and mixed tape collection scattered around the place. They even have a record player, playing music for the cafe via the vintage speakers, which is a nice touch, rather than playing off an mp3 player, or an online playlist. This obviously requires a bit of commitment, as they need to swap the records on a semi-regular basis. I suppose it’s kind of a mashup between tiki, retro, with a touch of Japanese theme.

Pacific Social Club

I took a seat at a table with a pile of cassette tapes in the corner, where I would have a view of the cafe. I ordered a flat white, and the lemon, avocado, with dukkah on olive bread toast. The staff promptly started preparing my order at the little kitchen behind the counter, selecting from the fresh produce stored in crates beside the counter, and on the bench.

While I waited, I noticed that when people popped in and out, they all seemed to know the staff. It became apparent that this is the kind of place that attracts the regular visitors, and they get to know their customers well, and fit in well as part of the community.

Pacific Social Club

My coffee arrived in a quaint little mix/match cup and saucer, and antique spoon. It was beautifully prepared, and tasted great. The avocado toast was also delicious, with a very generous portion of avocado for only £4.50.



Great atmosphere and friendly staff who have gone the extra mile to create the right kind of vibe. It’s all in the little details.


The sign out the front isn’t very obvious. If I hadn’t been on the look out for it, I might have walked right past it.

Flat White £2.40
Beans - Climpson & Sons

Pacific Social Club

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