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Vice Coffee Inc. – Dublin

Located at the Twisted Pepper Nightclub, Vice Coffee Inc. would have to be the best coffee I had while I was visiting Dublin. I have to admit, it does seem a little bit weird visiting a nightclub during the day for a coffee, but it just works. What would be an otherwise empty space during the day, has a new life, and great coffee.


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The Counter Cafe

We were long over due for a good ol’ fashioned catch up session. I spent this Sunday morning with one of my friends from Sydney. We decided to hit up Hackney Wick and The Counter Cafe.

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The Coffee Works Project

The Coffee Works Project is actually one of the first Coffee Shops I visited in London, back in 2012. Every time I am in Angel it keeps me coming back. I’m normally just passing through, so I usually grab a take away, but this time I was meeting up with a friend for a sit down catch up session.

Coffee Works Project

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TAP – Wardour Street

TAP Coffee used to be one of my regular coffee shops. I first discovered the one on Tottenham Court Road on my way to work, and made it part of my morning routine. Soon after they opened a store in Soho, and despite it being a bit of a detour to work, I would always find myself visiting for a coffee. These days it is a bit far for me to make it a regular visit, but on this occasion I was meeting a friend for breakfast, and TAP is perfectly located middle ground.

Tap - Wardour Street

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Tuck Shop – White Rabbit Studios

I had been meaning to go to Tuckshop at the White Rabbit Studios since I had heard about it before Christmas. Unfortunately that time of year is riddled with public holidays, and other engagements. Hidden in the back streets of Shoreditch, Tuckshop is a cafe front for the White Rabbit Studio space behind, which can be hired by artists, photographers, and for catered events.

Tuckshop - White Rabbit Studios 01

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10 Belles – Paris

I went to catch up with an old work friend from my Sydney days. He’s a local Parisian, so he knows where to get the good coffee. He recommended a place called 10 Belles, again near Canal Saint Martin. It seems I spent a lot of time around there. I guess it is just a popular place.

10 Belles 01

Word on the street is the owner on 10 Belles spent some time in Sydney and has a coffee shop in Surry Hills.

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des Deux Moulins – Paris

It was a beautiful sunny day in Paris. Perfect for exploring. We had just been to see Sacre Coeur in Montmartre. On top of the hill, you get a clear view of the city. We took a stroll down the hill into Montmartre in search of Des Deux Molins, the cafe made famous by the 2001 film Amélie.

Café des Deux Moulins

The cafe is filled with a warm glow. It must have inspired the grade of the final film, to help capture the ambience of the cafe.

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La Caravane – Paris

La Caravane was one of my favourite places I visited in Paris. This place is Parisian hipster central, and has an exciting buzz about the place.

We had been walking around Canal Saint Martin for a while, trying to pick somewhere to have dinner and a few drinks. We passed a few different places, but every thing seemed a little too formal for the mood we were in for the evening. As we walked up Rue de la Fontaine au Roi I noticed a funky little bar that looked quite popular, with mixed typography above the door, spelling out ‘Le Caravane’, which roughly translates to ‘The Caravan’.

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Tuck Shop – Paris

Rise and Shine! My first day in Paris, and there is so much to do, and so little time. Every moment not spent walking the Parisian streets is a moment wasted. Today was about exploring, getting a vibe of the streets, and trying to enjoy a little bit of that cafe culture the French are famous for. During my aimless wanderings I stubbled upon Tuck Shop, by Canal Saint Martin.

Tuck Shop

It was a particularly cold day, so I was glad to take a moment to get off my feet, and defrost a little. Tuck Shop had a very welcoming vibe from the front, with plants hanging from the windows, and piles of books to help pass the time. It’s the kind of place you can Imagine spending an afternoon, with friends, or relaxing on your own. 

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