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Cafe des Anges – Paris

It was going to be easy. Catch the Metro to Bastille. Take the number 1 ‘Sortie’ (French for Exit, don’t you know!), and find somewhere to have a drink to wait for my friend on Rue De La Roquette. Fate wasn’t on my side for this evening, and for my first experience in a non english speaking city.

The exit was closed. I was forced to find my way through the busy underground Metro station. It was difficult to get my bearings from below ground, and when I emerged on the streets of Paris, I was totally lost. I walked the streets, like a tourist, obviously out of place, reciting “excusez-moi, parlez-vous anglais?” over and over, to ensure I wouldn’t forget. You never truly realise how stupid you are until you are lost in a city who’s language you can’t speak. After 30 minutes or so I found Rue De La Roquette, and Cafe des Anges.


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Vagabond – Finsbury Park

It started out as such a lovely day. A 30 minute tube ride can make all the difference. When I arrived at Finsbury Park the sky had turned all grey, and there was a cold wind in the air. I’d been told to check out Vagabond, and decided to seek shelter and meet people there for a coffee.


Vagabond has great coffee in a surprising location. It’s almost like you wouldn’t expect it to be there. It’s located on the corner of a block, the kind of place you’d expect to find a news agents. There are tables with benches out the front, that on sunnier days would have made for a beautiful sun-pit. The perfect place for a morning coffee.

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Embassy East

What is it with the new year? Nothing is ever open for the first week or two. It makes it hard for those of us who rely on cafe’s to survive.

After wandering the streets, and a few failed attempt, we eventually found Embassy East in Hoxton.


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Columbia Road Coffee

There is a small shop on Columbia Road that is no wider than a small window.



With the long line queueing out front, I was intrigued, and double backed to get myself a coffee.

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The Diner – Covent Garden

Not exactly a secret, The Diner is an american themed restaurant, with a variety of burgers, hot dogs, and sandwiches. I normally have the cheese burger with pulled pork (secret tip, it’s cheaper than the Arch burger, and you aren’t paying for the pesky pickle) but this time the Christmas menu was too tempting. I ended up ordering a sandwich so epic, that it was worth writing about.

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Caravan – Kings Cross

Caravan is a great place to go for brunch. They always have good coffee, and a variety of options for food that you’d rarely find anywhere else. On this particular Sunday I went with a couple of friends for a pre-Christmas catchup.

photo 2

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