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Sharps – Fitzrovia

It’s been a while since my last post, and this Baristacrat was starting to look a little scruffy. Luckily there’s a place that can cater for my coffee craving, and give me a bit of a tidy up around the edges. Sharps is a Barber shop, and cafe in one.


With a decor to match the vintage barbershops of yesteryear, and Sharps have pulled out all the bells and whistles here, with a mixture of vintage furnishings, and modern fixtures.

While this particular visit was for a haircut, Sharps are also accommodating for those only interested in the coffee. The beans are supplied by The Barn, in Berlin, which flooded me with memories from my trip in October.



As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I am a big fan of shared spaces. This particular one also serves a more practical purpose, killing two birds with one stone, and the coffee is much better than the crappy coffee you’d be served at most barbers.


While it is great to have the option to have a coffee while waiting for an appointment, it is a bit impractical if you’re already in the chair. I found myself balancing a cup in one hand, while dodging stray hairs flying from my head.

Flat White - £2.50 (included with the price of a haircut £26)
Beans - The Barn
Twitter - @SharpsCoffeeBar
Facebook - SharpsBarberAndShop
Website - sharpsbarbers.com


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