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Silo – Friedrichshain Berlin

A short walk away from the East Side Gallery, and in one of arguably the coolest neighbourhoods in Berlin, is Silo Cafe. A cool hangout for the locals in the surrounding flats, and the boutique shoppers nearby.

We’d spent the day checking out the art covering the Berlin Wall, and decided to hit up one of the cafe’s on my Berlin list. Queue Silo Cafe.


Photo by Alex Goodfellow

One of the first things to stand out to me was the size of the venue. There are lots of wooden tables scattered throughout the raw interior. It’s clear that Silo want this to be a place you bring your friends to relax, and spend an afternoon. If your friends aren’t in the talkative mood, no problem! Silo have you covered with a range of boardgames. A group were setting up a round of Dominoes as we arrived. They also have a large collection of design and photography magazines hanging on hooks for you to read and kill time.


Unfortunately one of my friends doesn’t drink coffee (who invited that guy?). Fortunately Silo also sell beer for those wanting a drink with lunch, or getting an early start on the evening. It seems Silo have everyone covered, no excuses not to join in on the fun here.

Silo have a collection of cakes, muffins, biscuits etc, for those who are feeling like a snack. They even serve breakfast up to 3pm if that takes your fancy.



I really like the way Silo have made this a comfortable place to relax and chill with friends. You don’t even need to be in the coffee mood.


 We had arrived later in the day so we’d missed the late breakfast / lunch run, so it was a little quiet in the cafe. In fact I thought they had closed for the day, as it took a moment before the staff to greet us. As soon as they noticed our arrival they were friendly, and very helpful.


Flat White - €2.80
Beans - The Barn
Twitter - @SiloBerlin
Facebook - SiloCoffee

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