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TAP – Wardour Street

TAP Coffee used to be one of my regular coffee shops. I first discovered the one on Tottenham Court Road on my way to work, and made it part of my morning routine. Soon after they opened a store in Soho, and despite it being a bit of a detour to work, I would always find myself visiting for a coffee. These days it is a bit far for me to make it a regular visit, but on this occasion I was meeting a friend for breakfast, and TAP is perfectly located middle ground.

Tap - Wardour Street

I’m pretty sure that TAP Coffee stands for ‘Tapped and Packed’ and has been the point of much debate, although I’m not entirely sure of that fact. Perhaps I should ask them next time I am in.

In the days of busy, young, working professionals, taking the time to meet up for breakfast before work is a rarity. A friend and I do it whenever we can. On this particular occasion it was Valentines day… but don’t read too much into it. TAP Coffee offer a selection of pastries, muffins, and yogurts for the breakfast crowd. We went for the porridge which you can add a variety of toppings, honey, dried fruits and berries, chocolate chips, nuts etc.

The teaspoons look as though they have come from a grandmothers teaspoon collection, that have since been mixed with the rest of the cutlery. It’s a nice little touch that adds a charming quirk to the place.


They offer Loyalty Cards, and such an original idea. Each time you buy a coffee, they stamp another cyclist on the bicycle built for six. Collect them all, and you get a free coffee.

The staff are really friendly, and will have a bit of a chat and banter with you wile you wait for your coffee. One of the baristas made a point of pointing out that she hadn’t seen me in ages, and asked how I was, which is always nice to know you’ve been remembered.


It’s too far out of the way for me, and I put too many chocolate chips in my porridge. I’m an adult, I should have known better than to have chocolate for breakfast… when it isn’t Christmas or Easter.

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