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The Bald Barista – Dublin

Walking down Aungier street, the bright orange doorway and windows certainly catch your attention. Avalon house is a Hostel, as well as the home of the Bald Barista.

The Bald Barista - Dublin

I think it is a really cool idea to have a professional coffee shop attached to a hostel. The environment is quite chilled, and comfortable for visitors to hang out, with big comfy couches scattered about. Exactly the kind of vibe visitors staying in the city would be looking for. It is also perfectly located next door to a collage, helping busy students with their caffeine fix. The Bald Barista is perfectly located to attract the young crowd, and their prices are reasonably set to match the demographic.

There are lots of cooky signs and posters on the walls, “Be nice or leave” which is a good policy, and potential subliminal messages “Everyone should believe in something. I believe I will have another coffee.”

When ordering your coffee you have the option of ordering different sizes, which varies how many shots of coffee you get. Small x 1, Medium x 2, Large x 3, and Extra Large x 4. I ordered the medium, which was still absolutely massive. ┬áThe coffee tasted great, although the presentation was a little lacking, and I’m not sure that they nailed the correct proportions for a flat white. Having said that this is good coffee, and they aren’t charging a premium price, so I should probably just shut my face.

The Bald Barista - Dublin 2


The environment is perfect to attract the young hip crowd, and keep visitors from the hostel coming back for more. The coffee is a reasonable price, and well made. They also offer a loyalty card system, so perhaps those subliminal messages will work along side this.


I am probably just being picky, but sometimes presentation goes a long way. The small heart just didn’t cut it for me I’m afraid.

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