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The Barn – Mitte Berlin

A new city, and an open opportunity to discover Berlin’s coffee scene and cafe culture. First place on the list, and conveniently located near the flat I was staying, is The Barn, a Coffee shop, and Roastery. The Barn is located on a quiet side street, lined with cobblestones and walking distance from an endless supply of boutique shops, restaurants, cafe’s, and bars.

The Barn

The Barn was clearly a good first choice, as it became apparent while I was in Berlin, that they supply a lot of the Cafe’s with their beans. No Better place to start than with the best right? One thing became clear to me very quickly. Berlin is a city that appreciates its coffee, and The Barn is leading the way. For those interested they offer little information flyers (in German and English) informing the customer of the origin of the coffee beans, and the process they go through from the berry to your cup.

The Barn is a very small cafe, so if the weather is cold, you’d better get there quickly. Fortunately enough for us, the weather was warm enough for us to sit outside on the benches out the front. Locals sit and read their newspaper, and use a stool for a makeshift coffee table for their plates of cakes and sandwiches.

The Barn

According to Timeout The Barn has a ban on prams and laptops. I have to be honest that I can see where they are coming from. By disallowing laptops they are enforcing a social atmosphere, however hypocritical that may make me (I am currently sitting in a cafe writing this now). As for a pram ban, this may be due to a lack of space, but could be about maintaining young and social vibe.


Due to its location The Barn makes the perfect stop off with friends after lunch, or a day shopping, and seeing the sights. It is peaceful and quiet on the side street, but easy to get to, with a number of transport links nearby.


The shop itself is quite small. If you are sitting out the front I find it a bit odd that the staff don’t bring the coffee to you. Customers need to wait inside for their name to be called. At busy periods the shop can easily fill with customers.

The Barn

Flat White - €3.00
Beans - The Barn
Website - thebarn.de

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