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The Counter Cafe

We were long over due for a good ol’ fashioned catch up session. I spent this Sunday morning with one of my friends from Sydney. We decided to hit up Hackney Wick and The Counter Cafe.

The Counter CafeWe started out taking a casual stroll along the canal. From there The Counter Cafe is an easy walk, detouring through the warehouses, and walls covered in street art and graffiti. The cafe is located in the Stour Space at the end of Roach Road, and today was identifiable by the A-board out front, informing us they were ‘so open it’s making others uncomfortable’.

Inside you are greeted with a large open space, with the cafe at the back, and more seating upstairs. Both floors of the space feature large windows facing over the canal. Those who get there early, or with luck on their side, enjoy the large comfy couches facing the windows. Unfortunately luck wasn’t on our side, but there were plenty of seats available at the large community tables. The environment really feels like a creative studio space, right down to the plastic chairs that you used to have in art class at school.

As per my usual trick, I ordered the first thing that caught my eye, the French Toast with mixed berried, and fried banana. I’m normally a savoury kinda guy, but it sounded good, and I wasn’t disappointed. I also ordered my usual Flat White which was well prepared using Square Mile coffee beans.

The Counter Cafe 02


On a lovely clear day it is a nice walk along the canal. On a colder day it’d be perfect to curl up on the couch in front of the big windows, and read a book. It’s a perfect venue to catch up with friends, as the space is wide, open, and accommodating.


It did take a little while for our coffee’s to arrive, and we were almost finished eating breakfast. If the timing had been better I would have been quite happy to stay for a second.

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