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Timberyard – Seven Dials

I decided to venture out for a mid week coffee lunchtime session. I had seen Timberyard pop up on various posts online, and on my London’s Best Coffee app. I thought it was about time I checked it out. timberyardI took a stroll down the cobbled streets of Covent Garden and Seven Dials, and approached a large black building with an eye catching bright red door. Upon venturing inside you are greeted with an unexpected interior. In contrast to the dark exterior of the building, the inside is bright, with light wooden furnishings and large comfy couches.


The space is absolutely massive. Timberyard is spread across two floors. The ground floor is a large open plan area, with the large couches, and benches facing out the large windows, letting the light spill in. Downstairs is a labyrinth of nooks and crannies, conference rooms, and intimate spaces. The decor is very mixed, with coffee tables made from old suitcases, deck chairs that you’d expect to find at the beach, and tables made from raw and paint-stained wood,  as well as large modern lamps, glass doors, and exposed cables and ducting running along the ceiling. They have found the perfect balance between antique and modern.


Timberyard have a wide selection of cakes, pastries, sandwiches, and soup available for lunch. They also have a breakfast menu for those with a little extra time in the morning on the way to work.

I think the part where Timberyard really shine is the presentation. Each customer is presented with a wooden tray equipped with their own bottle of water with a glass, a pot of sugar, along with your order. It is a nice touch that makes you feel a little bit special. Rather than having to share a jug of water, or borrow the sugar from the table next to you.


Timberyard is a great place for a business meeting, or getting work done outside of the office. As you walk around everyone is working on their laptops, collaborating on projects, and probably Facebooking.

For those who are more into the social experience, the space outside the boardrooms is much more casual, with chairs facing each other, in an environment that is designed to provoke discussion.



The presentation was really impressive, and made you feel just a little bit special.


I’m not sure if it is just the local lunch time crowd, but I felt the vibe was a little too work driven, as almost everyone was on their laptops.

Flat White £2.70


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