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Tuck Shop – Paris

Rise and Shine! My first day in Paris, and there is so much to do, and so little time. Every moment not spent walking the Parisian streets is a moment wasted. Today was about exploring, getting a vibe of the streets, and trying to enjoy a little bit of that cafe culture the French are famous for. During my aimless wanderings I stubbled upon Tuck Shop, by Canal Saint Martin.

Tuck Shop

It was a particularly cold day, so I was glad to take a moment to get off my feet, and defrost a little. Tuck Shop had a very welcoming vibe from the front, with plants hanging from the windows, and piles of books to help pass the time. It’s the kind of place you can Imagine spending an afternoon, with friends, or relaxing on your own.¬†

There must be something about the way I look. Perhaps I had a timid look on my face. Perhaps it’s the way I dress. But from the moment I walked into the cafe, something gave me away, and the waitress knew I was out of my depth, and spoke to me in English. I suppose they have a knack for this kind of thing. She sat me at a table, and handed me the menu, which was still in French, so I had to figure some of this out for myself.

I soon realised that the staff would occasionally speak to each other in English as well, with a familiar accent no less. Tuck Shop is an Australian owned vegetarian cafe. (The jars of Vegemite behind the counter were another clue). While I am in no way a vegetarian, I do enjoy vegetarian food. I feel that chefs tend to get a little more creative with the options, and there is always a mix of vibrant colours from the different vegetables. The counter was filled with a variety of different salads, and baguettes. They weren’t kidding, the French do love a baguette. In an attempt to blend in (who am I kidding? I’m not fooling anyone) I ordered the Baguette, with sweet potato and feta. It was freshly prepared, and tasted great. I had a bit of a squiz at other tables to see what other people had ordered, and everything looked good. If I had stayed in Paris longer, I would have come back for sure.

Tuck Shop is a comfortable place to hang out. The staff seem to get along, and have a good vibe. They genuinely seem enjoy themselves. The cafe is bright, and clean. They have fresh white walls, covered in sketches and different art. The furniture is a bit of a mix-&-match kind of deal, which adds a bit of colour and charm. There are also plenty of plants on shelves, and tables, giving the vibe of a conservatory.

Before I left to continue my exploring, I decided to order a second coffee to go. I had to return soon after though, since I left my gloves at the table. Such an idiot.

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